Is there a cost to sign up on Spinlister?

  • No Sign-up fee, no contracts, no re-occurring fees. Zero cost unless a bike is rented.

Do I need liability insurance to rent bikes out on Spinlister?

  • No. Spinlister has an umbrella liability insurance policy that covers all rentals done through the Spinlister platform. So if your business insurance currently does not allow rentals you now can through Spinlister. Every renter agrees to our Ride Rental Agreement, as a bike shop you can also opt to add your own digital waiver into the Spinlister checkout.

What happens if my bike is damaged or stolen?

  • Spinlister will cover all theft and damage of the bike up to $1,000 per bike. If a bike is damaged or stolen a simple online form is completed and Spinlister reimburses the shop. Spinlister will work it out with the renter directly. A renter can optionally pay for theft and/or damage protection while booking their rental, in this case Spinlister will not pursue the renter to cover the cost in the event of a stolen or damaged bike. You can read more here (note the fees stated are for individuals, not the discounted shop rate)

What fee does Spinlister take?

  • The shop fee is 3% to cover the credit card transaction.
  • Renters pay a 7% service fee.
  • This covers all the liability, equipment guarantee, and our marketing to drive you customers. For example, a renter rents a $100 bike rental.  The bike shop will get $97, and the renter will pay $107 in total. 

Who sets the rental price?

  • The bike shop sets the rental price, hourly, daily, weekly, or “pay-as-you-go”.

  • If desired, you may also set a delivery fee.

Where do renters pick and drop off their bikes?

  • By default, the pickup and drop-off will be at your shop. If you choose to allow delivery, you can add an additional fee to your rental, learn more here.

What happens if someone cancels a reservation?

  • All cancellations are subject to terms set by Spinlister. However, bike shops reserve the right to enforce their own cancellation policy as per the terms your customers agree to in your store. You can read more about our cancellation policy here.

What other benefits are there for being on Spinlister?

  • You can manage all your shops rentals on one platform.

  • We offer each shop an embed code to put on their website to create their own personal rental page (view example)

  • Our In-store Kiosk is available to manage your rentals through your own customer facing iPad (iPad running on iOS 10 or later)

  • Create a rental for walk-ins or phone reservations on your Spinlister admin page

  • Become part of Spinlister’s global audience, partnerships, and other marketing efforts that will drive rentals to your store.

When do shops get paid?

Accounts are paid out every Friday.  Each payout period is Monday-Sunday.  Each Friday payout will consist of the rental revenue generated from the previous week (Monday-Sunday). 

Ready to get started?

Signing up is easy!  Just visit and create your shop account. Once we've reviewed your submission, we'll approve your account and send you your account credentials.