From your desktop or laptop computer:

To adjust your rental dates, open your dashboard and click on the reservation you want to change. Click "Edit Dates" on the right panel, and simply choose the new dates you want for your rental.

Click the reservation to open your rental page

Click the 'Edit Dates' button to open up the calendar

Choose your dates on the calendar and click, "Request Dates"

From your smartphone app:

You can change the dates of a rental from our mobile app as well. To do this, tap the 'Rentals' tab on the bottom menu. Find the reservation request you want to edit and open it by tapping. Next tap "Change Dates", select your new dates, and finally, tap "Done"; this will send the new dates to the Lister as a request. Once the Lister has approved your request, you will be able to confirm and pay for the new times/dates.

Tap "Rentals" then tap your reservation to open it

Tap "Change Dates" to open the calendar

Choose your new days and times and tap "Done"

Tap Propose after checking your dates

Extending a rental

If you are enjoying yourself and would like to hold onto the Ride a bit longer, we have an option for you to extend the rental! To extend the rental, open up your in-progress reservation and click, "extend dates". The Lister will receive your extension request. If they choose to accept it, your rental will automatically update to the newly scheduled times and Spinlister will charge the credit card on file for the additional cost of the rental.

If the lister doesn't reply or declines, you must return the bike at the previously agreed upon time. There are late fees charged to delayed returns.

Click on your booked reservation to open it

Click on 'Extend Dates' to extend the rental

Choose your new dates and click, "Request This Extension"

Enter your payment info. and click, "Request Extension" to finish up - The rental will not be modified until the Lister accepts the extension request.