Oh no! Locked out of your account? Not to worry, we can fix that in no time.

For security purposes, we can only reset your password from our website and not the mobile app.

If you forgot your password, and can't sign in:

  1. Go to Spinlister.com and click "Login" in the top menu.
  2. Next to the password field, click "Forgot?".
  3. Type the email address listed under your Spinlister account, and click “Send Reset Email”.
  4. Within seconds, you should receive an email with instructions to reset your account's password.

Forgot your password? Click "Login" then "Forgot Password"

Enter the email address you used to sign up and we'll send you a link to reset your password

If you are signed in and would like to change your password:

  1. Open your drop-down menu and click "Settings"
  2. Click "Edit Profile" in the left-hand menu
  3. Scroll down to the password field and click "Change Password"
  4. Enter your old password, then enter your new password twice
  5. Click "Save"

Open your drop-down menu, click "Settings" and click "Edit Profile". Then scroll down and click "Change Password"

Enter your current password, then enter and confirm your new password and finally, click "Change"