Renters may purchase protection from Spinlister that covers ride damage and/or theft during the rental period. The option to purchase protection, if available, is shown during the checkout process. Note: Price and availability vary based on the Lister.

Renters that purchase protection will not be responsible for costs associated with repair -or- replacement of the ride. Spinlister will work with the Lister directly to cover applicable costs.

If you decline to purchase protection, you will be responsible for any ride damage and/or theft during your rental. Spinlister reserves the right to charge your credit card on-file in accordance with our Rental Agreement.

What is covered

Reporting Damage or Theft

All claims must be submitted within 24 hours of the end of the rental period by completing this form. If you rented from a shop, you can inform a shop employee directly.

When you file a damage or theft claim, Spinlister determines, in its sole discretion, whether your claim qualifies for coverage. Spinlister’s original determination is considered final, but you may be able to file an appeal of the decision with Spinister if you have new or compelling information not available at the time of the original determination or you believe there was an error in the decision-making process.

Last Updated on 10/16/17: The Renter Damage Protection and Renter Theft Protection articles have merged into one