I need a ride right now. How do I find it?

When searching for rides on a desktop or mobile phone, you'll notice that some icons on the map are green and some blue. The green markers indicate that the user was online very recently. To secure a fast rental on short notice, we recommend sending requests to these users first.

We are currently working on creating a new filter to show only active listers, so keep your eyes out for it!

Can I request more than one ride at once?

Yes. In fact, we recommend that renters request multiple rides at a time in order to get a quick response. Sometimes, listers don’t have time to respond right away, so requesting multiple rides will help you find one when you need it. Your credit card will only be charged once you CONFIRM AND PAY for a rental, so there is no harm in making multiple requests. When you do book a ride, please remember to cancel or close your other requests so other listers are not left hanging, thinking you want their ride.

What do I do if the lister doesn't respond?

A big priority for us right now is to increase the percentage of requests that turn into confirmed bookings. Of course, we realize that things come up. Listers can be on vacation, away from WIFI, or unable to respond due to their regular day job needs. Once again, we recommend that renters request multiple rides at a time in order to increase the chances of finding one that works.

If I searched and there are no rides available, what should I do?

-Here are a few things that could be happening-

  1. We might not have rides listed in your search area yet.
  2. Try zooming in and out and scanning around. Sometimes rides can just be on the edge or outside of the map area on your screen.
  3. Try clearing filters. The problem may be that your search is applying old filters that are preventing rides from showing up on the map.

If none of this works:

Feel free to e-mail hello@spinlister.com. We are consistently working on building inventory around the world so we have contacts with shops and clubs in a variety of places! If you can't find a Ride that works for you, feel free to send us an email and we can work on finding a ride for you to rent!

Can I ask a lister to deliver the ride?

Most Listers prefer to have you pick up the ride where it is listed, but some are willing to deliver their Ride for an additional fee. Still, feel free to ask the lister if they’re willing to change the pickup location.

Can I ask for a discount?

If you are renting for multiple dates or rides from a single lister, you might want to ask if they are willing to give a discount. If you like the ride, but want to ask for a different price, it is up to you and the lister to work together to find an agreeable rental cost. The lister has the ability to change the price of each individual reservation and can do so as soon as a price has been agreed upon.

Do I need to bring my lock and helmet?

If a lister has a lock or helmet available, they will show up on the ride page's 'extras'. If you are not completely sure, you can use our chat messaging feature on the Spinlister app or web page to ask if they're provided so you don't show up unprepared. Some listers will only provide a stock ride and you'll have to bring your own extras.

Can I bring my own saddle, pedals, etc.?

Okay Mr. Professional rider, we see you. You've got your own specialty items that you ABSOLUTELY can't ride without. All we ask is you confirm your accessories with the Lister so they are fine with you swapping parts. Remember, per our Rental Agreement, you are responsible for dropping off the ride in the same shape you picked it up. So make sure you don’t forget any of the necessary tools or carrying bags to make the substitution(s) seamless.

What if I want a ride for the weekend but I have nowhere to keep the ride overnight?

Sorry, but renting a ride with a same-day return is probably your best option. Locking the ride outside overnight with OR without protection is a violation of the Spinlister Rental Agreement. Keep in mind, our Rental Agreement states that you are liable for any theft, loss, or damage of the ride that takes place during the rental period.

Do I have insurance with Spinlister when I rent?

All reservations are at the renter's risk and you will be responsible for any theft or damage to the ride during the rental period. However, renters have the option of purchasing damage/theft protection for a small daily fee at the time of confirmation. That way, you can enjoy peace of mind while you ride!

Need to file a claim?

Please file any damage, theft, or loss claims by filling out this form. If you have any further questions please contact us at hello@spinlister.com.