1. Use our forward facing kiosk to manage rentals. 

Download the Spinlister Kiosk to your iPad and get your customers moving! The Kiosk can help your employees or customers look up existing reservations or begin a new reservation directly from the app. We’ve streamlined the process to make it simple to select a ride, sign the waivers, and process payments with no hassle and no paperwork.

Note: The Spinlister Kiosk is optimized for use on iOS 10 or later

2. Embed your rental page onto your website

After your shop account is approved, we can help get your Spinlister shop embedded onto your website. This will allow your customers to book rides directly through your website with all the same features and coverage you would offer in-store.

3. ‘Create A Rental’ for walk-in customers

Still considering the Spinlister Kiosk? Or maybe you haven’t had the time to embed your Spinlister shop onto your website? No problem! Shops can still manage their walk-in customers using the ‘Create A Rental’ feature directly through their Spinlister page. The ‘Create A Rental’ feature lets you and your employees get customers signed up and ready to ride all on a single easy-to-use page.