The real question is, Why not rent a ride?!

No hassle vacation riding

Trust us, there is a lot of hassle involved in disassembling, boxing, shipping, praying there are no scratches or dents, and arriving with your ride - THEN unboxing, reassembling, and riding - ONLY to have to disassemble, re-box, re-ship, and re-pray. Even the amount of hassle we went through writing that last sentence is nothing compared to the amount you'll go through trying to bring your ride on vacation.

No hassle local convenience

Spinlister isn’t just for those traveling around the world, it’s also for neighbors and business associates. Maybe there’s a gorgeous weekend coming up and your significant other wants to take a bike ride to the lake with Fido. Since you guys only ride a few times a year, check out our listings around you to see if there are any rides that fit your needs.

Save yourself shipping costs when traveling

The average cost of flying with a bike is $400-$700 round trip. Shipping it by UPS or FedEx can cost upwards of $300, and even after that you still have to worry that it might not get to you on time. Rent a ride and save yourself some dough.

Additional traveling costs

When traveling with a bike, surfboard, or skis, your run-of-the-mill economy vehicle rental doesn’t work. You’ll most likely need to upgrade to a large family car or rent a roof rack to travel around with your ride. Spinlister allows you to search for specific locations, so the only time you have with the ride is spent actually riding.

Experience a better ride

Yeah, we know. You love your rusty old one-speed more than life itself. But let's be honest, there are a million fish in the sea, and sometimes you just have to try something new for a bit. Use Spinlister as a tool to switch it up for awhile or test the bike/board/skis you’ve dreamt of owning. We're an affordable way to upgrade your ride for testing, training, racing, and of course, fun.

As an added bonus for our hardcore cyclists out there, think of all the training time you’ll gain back when you don’t have to ship or drop off your bike! Instead of handing your precious trainer off in a box and waiting weeks for its return, you'll arrive at your destination with a confirmed rental location in your pocket. Some even utilize Spinlister’s high-end bike rentals for intense training and race-day cycling. Check out your destination and try requesting a few rides next time you're in town!

Avoid damage

Unavoidable things happen during travel. Unless you're some kind of Tetris god, it's pretty hard to avoid shipping damage on a consistent basis. Even if you've packed your ride perfectly, there is no telling that your package will be treated with the respect it deserves. Renting from Spinlister skips this whole step and gives you access to a well-kept ride wherever you are.