Lots of things can affect the number of requests you get for your rides. Here are a few things to check off your list if you’re looking to get a bit more traffic:


It's the simple law of supply and demand - if your price is too high, renters may stray towards something a little less expensive. Many listers choose to lower their price and they end up getting more requests. But don't worry! Lowering the price of a rental doesn't necessarily mean you'll be making less money. Instead, it increases the traffic on your page and the good reviews you can get on your profile. It's a win-win for you and the renter! Remember, if you want to raise your price back up, you can always go back in and edit your ride.


Photos make a huge difference in our visual, 21st-century world. As a lister, great photos not only keep your rides safe by ensuring their condition but also increase your request traffic. As a Renter, wouldn't you like to be provided as much information on your potential ride as possible? Double check your photos to see if you missed an angle in the pics, or if you need a prettier background, more light, or more detail. If you’re looking for photo inspiration, try scoping out photos of other listings around the world and mimic photos that entice you.


Are you verified? You can add credibility to your profile by authenticating your identity through Twitter, Facebook, or your phone. We know that not everyone has accounts on these services, but never fear! You can make yourself marketable by adding a good description about yourself and putting up a smiley profile picture. We always recommend verification, though, as it makes things much more convenient and quick for both the Renter and the Lister.


It’s also possible that demand isn’t very high where you live or where you’ve listed your ride. Consider listing your ride a little closer to a large road or a popular bar/business district. Also, if Spinlister is new to your area, try giving your ride more exposure by posting it on social media sites. When users tag us in their social media posts, we do our best to re-tweet and feature their rides for everyone to see!