Sometimes your pals need a ride in hours instead of in days or weeks. In order to help out those needing a quickly confirmed ride, we created response rate and response time. On each user’s Spinlister profile, ride seekers can use this data to determine how likely they are to get a response from a Lister, and how long they might have to wait to get this response. We encourage both Listers and Renters to respond quickly to a request or to be ready to approve or deny a ride as soon as the pickup/drop-off time is confirmed.

Your response rate and response time levels are determined by our super smart algorithm. If you respond quickly, your response rate goes up. If you take your time responding, your response rate decreases a bit. Only after you fail to respond to three consecutive requests does your response rate drop to zero and all your Rides temporarily un-list. To re-activate your unlisted rides, all you need to do is log back in and hit the “List” button on each one.

If you think your response rate should be higher than what is shown on your profile, feel free to email us at and we’ll take a special look at it for you.