Spinlister guarantees the protection of its lister's rides against theft, damage, or loss. Generally speaking, in the event of theft, damage or loss, your ride is covered by the renter as detailed in our Rental Agreement. However, if your ride is damaged or stolen during a rental period and the renter is unable to reimburse you for the fair value of your ride, we'll cover the cost up to a certain value based on your ride type and location.

  1. Bikes: Up to $1,000 USD listed in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, South Korea, Austria, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Croatia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Iceland and Finland only.
  2. Surfboard & Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP): Up to $1,000 USD listed anywhere around the world.
  3. Skis & Snowboards:* Up to $1,000 USD listed anywhere around the world.

The Spinlister Guarantee Program covers Listers during Rentals using the Spinlister platform only and is not a replacement for homeowners or renters insurance. Renters are not covered by the Spinlister Guarantee and are responsible for any damage, loss or theft that occurs during the Rental. Renters may purchase a Protection package at checkout. Spinlister is not responsible for any "Loss of Use" and loss of rental revenue due to a theft or damage to your ride.

Listing Guidelines for Spinlister Guarantee eligibility

  • Ride photographs shall be accurate and current. High-resolution images are preferred.

  • Listing shall have multiple photographs of the ride. Include pictures of the individual components of the ride - rear wheel, front wheel, derailleur, suspension fork, bars, etc.

  • Description shall include all details of the model, year, and the make of the ride.

  • All descriptive details such as bike type, rider height, frame size, extras, etc. shall be filled out.

  • All accessories, add-ons, upgrades shall be explicitly stated in the description to be eligible for coverage.

  • Rental pricing shall follow appropriate market price compared to the value of the ride. For example, a $1,000 road bike shall not be rented out for $1.00 per day.

Note: For high-value items, we recommend you contact customer service before listing to ensure your ride will be covered by the guarantee.

Spinlister will make a final decision on your claim, in its sole discretion, based on the coverage and eligibility requirements set forth above, any additional information provided during the online dispute resolution process or any other information Spinlister deems relevant and appropriate under the circumstances.

The purpose of the Spinlister Guarantee is to create an environment of trust where Listers feel comfortable renting their bikes to strangers. You may read more about the terms of the Spinlister Guarantee in the Rental Agreement.

Need to file a claim?

Please file any damage, theft, or loss claims by filling out this form. If you have any further questions please contact us at hello@spinlister.com.