Short of riding more yourself, listing your ride with us is the best thing you can do with your bike, skis, or board. Whether you’re riding to work every day, or using it once a year, it's never a bad thing to make some extra dough while you're not riding. Not to mention, you'll meet amazingly cool people through the Spinlister community! Many of our renters are pro riders who want to train for a competition but don't want to pay for shipping costs. Some are simply neighbors or vacationers who need a ride for the day or weekend.

Many users are hesitant about listing their nice rides because they are not sure what happens if damage or theft occurs. At Spinlister, we always ensure the value of your ride when it is in others’ hands. We verify users through mobile, Facebook, and Twitter, and to make you feel extra safe, each renter has to agree to our Spinlister Rental Agreement prior to confirming any rentals with you. This rental agreement offers you protection in the case of bad circumstances and ensures that you are never responsible if a renter gets injured while riding.

So kick back, relax, and list your ride for rent! From our experience, Spinlister users operate in good faith, but we know "stuff" happens and we've taken steps to cover you just in case.